Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Words Words Words

Today was the first day I really knew that Eli understands the words I say.

This morning I was lying in bed and he called out from his cot, so I called back and he looked over and saw me, we had a little chat and a wave. But then I said "Would Eli like to come over to Mummy's bed and have some milk?" And he got this massive grin and excitedly waved his hands at me. It was instantaneous, and very clear that he knew exactly what I meant. I still hadn't moved from my bed either, so it was definitely the words.

Then later today he was a bit grizzly at one point around lunchtime, he'd had a long play with his toys on the floor. So I picked him up for a cuddle, but I needed to put butter on my toast for lunch which I can't do one handed. So I said "I'm just going to put you into your chair for just a minute" but before I could even get up to take him to the rocker he burst into tears. Again it was a clear reaction to my words, I was so surprised. I said "It's ok, you can stay up with mummy" and he stopped crying and was fine! Turns out he was really hungry too, so I fed him. Ok, I put him in the chair anyway and let him cry while I buttered my crumpet, then I fed him while I ate! And we were both happy.

Cleaners came this afternoon. And again it amazed me how uplifted I feel in a clean, tidy house. Part of that is all of the tidying I do before they get here - everything is in order! Eli helped me hang out the washing while they were here. It looks as though the sun has come out again, so fingers crossed everything dries and he has clean pyjamas (wondersuit) for tonight!

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