Sunday, April 21, 2013

Monday Monday

Had "one of those days". On Sunday night Eli went to bed around 11:30pm. However, to quote an email I sent Shane: "I went to sleep around 1130, then got up at 130 to feed Eli, then 2am to put him to bed, then 430 to feed Eli then 5am to put him to bed, then 630 to feed Eli and there was no way I was putting him back again." I think he was cold as I can't think of any other reason he wanted feeding so much. I don't think he's in a growth spurt right now.

I still intended to go to work but in the end gave up, I was so tired. Eli and I had a nice day at home together instead. We also walked down to the supermarket with Eli in the ergo. He started out standing up half leaning out (while I supported him!) but eventually curled up to sleep and I was able to pull the ergo around him properly. Could only buy what I could carry, but it was still nice rather than driving. Got to keep our Vitamin D up!

Made a few decisions needed to keep our sanity. Such as ordering a clothes dryer, getting fruit & vege delivered each week, and possibly hiring a mother's helper a few hours a week to give me a hand. It's hard feeling torn between work and house duties.

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