Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bed shopping!

Finally went bed shopping.

Waaaay back before we got married we always said "When we get married we'll buy a King size bed!" Then we got married, and initially money was tight due to the mortgage and some unexpected wedding bills. Then we moved to Australia unexpectedly 12 months after our wedding - another hit in the pocket! The next 4 years we lived in a teeny tiny townhouse where our Queen size bed barely fit the bedroom. And then last year we moved here, and briefly considered it before deciding in a rare moment of frugality that we didn't really *need* a new bed. Instead we swapped our beds around, the ensemble I'd bought when I was flatting became the spare bed, and we slept on Shane's 16yr old slat bed with a firmer mattress. It was much friendlier to my giant pregnant self for getting in and out of bed!

But now we have Eli. And quite frankly, I'm lazy. Lying down to feed feels great, plus if I'm tired it's easier to let him fall asleep next to me and then move him. But somehow I'm the one who gets pushed out of the bed. There's the husband, and the baby, and the two cats... yeah we need some space for mummy!

So a day of shopping and testing out beds, we have a winner - mattress from Harvey Norman and a gorgeous base from Forty Winks. yay! Can't wait for delivery.

Here's some photos of Eli helping us test out new beds.

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