Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fun day out!

Eli woke up at 5:30am for a feed, which was a shame as I hoped he would do 6:30am. I gave him a dummy which he happily sucked on until 5:55, and then had a feed. We both went back to our own beds for awhile. My alarm and Shane's both went off, he snoozed his as always - except unfortunately he turned it off! At 7:25 I happened to look at my phone and swore... we were supposed to leave for the airport at 7:15, or 7:30 at the latest! Ah well, we made it out the door finally at 7:50. Eli went into his seat in his PJs, with his sleep sack half undone. He went back to sleep during the airport drop-off run.

After we dropped Shane off, we drove to Jeanie's for brunch. He was so happy the entire time there - relaxed, chatty, smiley self! Managed to fill 3 nappies though. Impressive. The first was his overnight nappy, to be fair, as I changed and dressed him when we arrived. But two more in the 90min we were there!

Then we dropped Jeanie at the bus stop and went to Broadway. At the last second I opted for pram instead of carrier, which was nice except that I then had to search for ages to find the parent's room to use the loo!

In Kmart Eli woke up and decided he doesn't like the pram, so I ended up carrying him in one arm and pushing with the other. He finally went back in with the back upright so he was sitting... you know, like the 6 month old he *thinks* he is! Blue bear suit

Smiling at strangers!

On a whim we drove to Olympic Park and went for a walk in the carrier, then I found a nice piece of grass for a feed and a lie on the grass.   I read a magazine while he stared at the sky and played with his new wrist rattle (which he had picked out off the shelf himself!)

Got home at 3:30pm.    In the evening he went to bed like a good bubba and I watched Les Miserables.   Lovely day, lovely evening!

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