Saturday, April 20, 2013


Eli went to his first party today, a 40th birthday party for my cousin. He was a little overwhelmed by all of the people, and it was a noisy room, but that just meant he was very serious and had lots to think about! He had cuddles with Daddy while I ate my dinner - I got to eat first for a change! Many people assumed he was much older than he is, around the 6 month mark. Ah well, that's our big bubba! Later in the evening he fell asleep, and Jeanie put him in his carrier in the bedroom. Knowing his sleep habits I knew he wouldn't stay asleep in a new place for long. Sure enough, when we went to check on him he was lying wide awake staying at his surroundings curiously. However he wasn't alone - the birthday boy's parents were sitting on the bed either side of him, gently rocking the carrier and talking to him softly. They were enjoying a break from the noise and bustle also! On the way home I sat in the backseat, because he has only been in the car at night twice and fussed both times. I put my hand into the carrier to comfort him, and he immediately grabbed it and shoved my finger into his mouth! He gnawed away on my finger quite happily. Eventually I convinced him to take a dummy instead. By the time we got home, bubba was wide awake and cheerful.

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