Thursday, April 17, 2014

I can hardly describe how much I loathe the “world’s toughest job” video.   Forgetting the fact that they claim to have advertised it as a real job and conducted those interviews so are wasting the time of genuine job seekers – rude and thoughtless.  But being a mother isn’t a “job”.  Just because it’s time consuming and takes energy and commitment doesn’t make it a job.  We don’t have to assign commercial value to everything in life to give it meaning – things can be meaningful without being part of the commercial world!   (Don’t get me started on that whole assign a salary to a mother who does 100 jobs meme… unless you can go out and get a job as a Doctor, Chauffeur or Psychiatrist you are NONE of those things).  

And if it were a job, I dispute whether it’s the toughest – I personally would find it much harder to be an astronaut, brain surgeon, or pretty much anything that features on that Dirty Jobs tv show. Do we really undervalue being a mother so much that we have to pull this kind of comparative bullshit to make people appreciate it? Because that’s sad.   Being a mother is a really, really great thing, let’s not cheapen it with this nonsense.    Plus don’t get me started on the bizarre claims that mothers never ever get to sit down and are on their feet 24/7, and never ever ever get a break at all 365 days a year.  What the heck?    

Being a mother is without question the best thing I have ever done in my life.   I don't need any  weird validation like this to feel good about it.  

Sunday, April 13, 2014

What a wonderful time in Little Eli's life.  It's so awesome this age - his communication skills, his confidence, watching him learn new things everyday.

For several months now when we get to the "H" page on Dr Seuss' ABC he has flung his arms in the air pre-emptively ready for "Horay! Horay!" which depicts two characters with their arms in the air.  A couple of weeks ago I was reading a different ABC book (the metropolitan art one I believe) and when I got to H he flung his arms up.   That was pretty cool, that he actually knew the letter, not just the Dr Seuss picture!

He had a few bad nights this week, teeth we think - although as usual his teething is so long and drawn out it happens a few times before any teeth appear!   Ended up in our bed three nights in a row.  One night he was just sitting in his bed howling at 11:30pm, inconsolable, nothing we could do.   We took turns holding him and talking to him.  Even tried distracting him with cats!   Eventually he calmed enough to drift off to sleep in my arms.   Poor darling.  I am happy everyday with my decision to always give him the benefit of the doubt.  He is too little to tell us what's wrong, so unless I know otherwise (and some tantrums are pretty obvious!) I will always assume he has a legitimate need.  I hate it when people say "My baby is crying but he doesn't need anything!" - maybe what he needs is his parents?    Eli has always been high needs in terms of the love and closeness he wants, but I treasure that.  

The past two nights he has been up late-ish, but both nights when he's eventually seemed tired I've suggested bed and he's trotted off happily and put himself to sleep.    I know he's capable of it.   So I trust that when he's not going down and is crying it's for a legitimate reason.   What better lesson can I teach my child than trust?   That his parents trust him, and that we will listen to him?   I know people have different levels of comfort, but I'm playing a long game here and I'm not going to compromise now on something that in 20 years time won't seem important. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lightning - Boom!!

On what had been a fairly nice Sunday, with plenty of outdoor playtime, I decided late in the day to duck out to the supermarket and leave Elijah with Shane.    Driving home afterwards I was treated to the most amazing thunder and lightning storm that had begun while I was shopping.

I pulled into the driveway and found Shane and Eli were sitting in our bedroom window on the edge of the bed, looking out.

Shane had invented a game called "Lightning - Boom!"  which Eli adored.   They would watch out to see a burst of lightning, and then count until the thunder came when they would yell "Boom!" or in fact Shane would yell "Boom!" and then Eli would mimic "Boom! Boom! Boom!"    And yes, it was as adorable as it sounds!  

They had fun watching me running through the rain to get the groceries in.  I am so proud of Shane's innovation as a parent, he knows enough to realise it's important to take the "scary" away from these new experiences and help Eli understand them in his own way.  Plus he incorporated counting which is awesome! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Yesterday (Tues) were playing at Putney Park with Jodie & Hannah and the kids. 

Eli took off climbing the stairs, and met a lady with her son of approx. 1-2 coming down the other way.  They eyed each other for awhile and then I hear a distinct "Hello!" and didn't think much of it.

Until the lady said "Did he just say hello??!!" to which I replied "Oh I guess so, I just assumed it was yours as he's a bit older!"   (Although I was facing her son and didn't see his lips move so I guess I just hadn't thought it through...)  

He also waved and said "Bye" to Amelia when I was putting him in the car at the end of the play.  

Won't do hello or bye on command but will when he really wants to!
Boy little Eli is so fast now!  Hard to imagine that around 6 weeks ago he wasn't really that interested in walking.   Now he runs.  All the time.    I thought I'd have a relaxing picnic with him on Sunday but spent 90min chasing him around Hyde Park!

Sunday night was amusing.  After weeks of teething and painful nights of crying he was feeling better.   At 10:30 I asked Shane if he was going to turn off the fan in Eli's room but he said no he'd leave it until he got up as Eli would want a bottle at 11:30.

Next thing I know my eyes shoot awake around 3:30am with a sudden thought of "Eli's here!" which I immediately thought was crazy.  I could hear a dummy rattling near the door and thought Shane must be up sorting out Eli's dummies to resettle him.   Then I reached my leg out and kicked Shane.  Ok, that's Eli!  Sure enough he's wandered into our room, carefully shut the door behind himself, and sat down on the floor.   He was wide awake and a bit confused.   I took him back to bed and carefully resettled him with a little bit of milk.  

Funnily enough he did the same thing two hours later!  Up, in our room, disorientated and back to bed.  I said to Shane that I think Eli was so surprised to wake up feeling well that he wasn't sure if it was day or night or what to do.   So instead of crying he was just looking for us.  This time he was so awake I brought him into our bed for an early morning snuggle, which worked so well he slept until 8:30am.   When I was ready for work I ended up lying on the bed next to him and gentle chatting and telling him he could get up if he wanted to.  He smiled in his sleep, and then suddenly opened his eyes and was up and off!   

Such a cracker kid.    Unfortunately the past two nights we have had to adjust.  We are so used to having to rush him to bed exhausted and without stories, now he is feeling better and well rested we have to push bedtime later and put the routine back in place.    But hey, we adapt fast!   Tonight when he didn't go down I let him back up immediately to play.   It was only 10min before he suddenly got a bit cranky, I asked if he wanted to go to bed and he trotted off to the bedroom and climbed into his bed, ready for stories and bottle.  Adorable!   Love love love love love.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Poor Eli is teething.

Yesterday afternoon he was opening my mouth and playing with my teeth, and we were talking about how he is growing teeth like mummy's. 

Next thing I know he chomps down on my finger, right bang in the middle of his mouth where he has teeth top and bottom.   It hurt.   Really, really hurt.   I asked him to let go but he didn't seem to understand that I wasn't joking.  Next thing I know I'm actually screaming in pain trying to get my finger out of the kid's mouth!  

Shane came running into the room just as Eli released my finger and he took Eli (now scared and crying) as I collapsed in tears nursing my very sore finger. Not really any blood to draw from that bit of a finger, but he made a nice dent and it was very red and throbbing for a long time!  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So last weekend Shane decided to take the side of Eli's cot and convert it to a toddler bed.  He did it on Saturday evening and the first couple of nights were relatively uneventful.

Then on Tuesday night he decided that seeing he could get out of bed by himself he really should do that instead of going to sleep....  Wednesday night I tried shutting him in and he still broke out.  Late nights, long battles.

Fortunately it got better by the weekend.    Interestingly, he never gets out of bed during the night, he cries for us if he needs something, but never tries to get out.

But he has learnt to get up in the morning now too!  One morning he called to me and I could hear he was closer - I opened the door and he had crawled right over to the door, and then flopped on his back to call me as though he were in his cot!  The next day he pushed the door open, came in and then flopped on his back and called.  I tried calling him but had to get up and "get" him.  The next day he came in, up to the foot of the bed and crawled up calling.  

The next day he woke up unexpectedly around 5am, I think he was cold as the weather had turned.  I carried him into bed with me and he snuggled up and went to sleep in my arms, just like when he was a little bubba.  Was so nice having a sleep-in together!  But then at 7am, like clock work, he was up and trying to get off the bed to go play. 

Friday night Shane was sick so I did all the night wake-ups. 

By the following Tuesday he was coming in the morning asking us if he could go play.  

Wednesday was a little creepy, he came in at 7, shut the door, and just stood there staring at us.   I think he is fascinated by his new "power" of being able to get up in the morning.   Personally I love it!