Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bottles n boobies

All the experts say to be careful introducing a bottle to a breastfed baby. I was therefore wary when it came to it, although I knew all along that I wanted to be able to offer pumped milk to bubba should I need to do so. Eli has a bottle on the odd occasion that Shane is with him alone, which isn't very often simply because I don't like going anywhere without Eli....

Tonight is a bit different though. Shane is away in Brisbane overnight, and I gave Eli a bottle. I'd had a glass of wine, and I had a small bottle (20ml, not a full feed) in the fridge that I pumped yesterday which would otherwise go to waste, so thought I'd use it up. Without question he cheerfully sucked away on the bottle, enjoying the easy flow no doubt. When he started sucking air I pulled the bottle out and put it aside. Completely unfazed, the moment that the bottle was removed from his mouth, he moved his head across to the boob and turned his head into the nipple ready to go! I think if he had a motto it would be "food from any source". He's not picky.

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