Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Eli is having a sleepy day. Mum has taken care of him for much of the day - burping, nappies. I've done feeds and had little cuddles as he falls asleep.

Just now I put on a dressing gown, went outside to the backyard and stood in the sunshine. It was amazing. I realised I hadn't been in the sunshine since we bought Eli home from the hospital last Thursday - and that was just a minute or two outside. Since then I've been in the house, in this circle of feeding and eating and sleeping and exhaustion. So I grabbed an old sheet off the swing seat and lay down on the grass to soak up some sunshine for 15min. Shane came into the backyard awhile later and found me. I felt good.

Took 1 nap today, and have been trying to keep my nutrition up. Hopefully no more breakdown tonight. I can do this. It's not hard, it's just constant. I've made a long shopping list of food and mum or Shane will go out later. Focused on nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. I just can't keep enough in me. Eli is such a good feeder.

It's warm today (25 degrees) which is why Eli is sleeping more - he's curled up in his bouncer, wearing just a blue singlet and his nappy. Every so often he flings his arms into the air above his head like a victory dance. He wriggles his little bottom and screws up his face. Gorgeous monkey boy!

Shane went out today and bought me some nested tables. I've been using the side table on one side of my chair and my piano stool on the other. He knows how precious that piano stool is to me though, so using it to place drinks and snacks on is not ideal! I looked up tables online this morning, but he found a far nicer set when he got to the shops. Which is why I trust his judgment so much. I'm very worried that he hasn't rested today - he really needs to go to work tomorrow, and he isn't any more rested really. He also spent an hour in the shed fixing the washing machine so that it doesn't "walk" anymore on fast cycles. It's as if he has some kind of nesting instinct kicked in now that Eli is here.

Wishing us all a good night's sleep tonight!

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