Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mum & Bubba first Solo outing! - 13/02/13

Eli's first solo outing with Mummy was back to the hospital on 13th February - to be a "demo" baby at the breastfeeding workshop.

Jane, the lovely daytime midwife at the hospital, is also the lactation consultant. She had asked me to come along as she thinks it's important that new mums know how easy breastfeeding can be and see it firsthand from somebody who has recently been there. Yes there are challenges, but they are surmountable.

I was quite nervous taking Eli out. In the morning Shane had to show me how to take the carrier in and out of the car, I'd never done it by myself and it's heavy. Sure enough, at the hospital I had a horrible time trying to get it out, but eventually managed. Enjoyed the workshop, he behaved beautifully and was oohed and aahed over as always. I fed him during the workshop without any problems. Changed a nappy during the break and he wee'd on the floor. Nice one! But all in all a successful outing. It was nerve wracking driving knowing he was behind me and wondering if he was ok. But he was. He's always ok! :-)

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