Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Monday 04/02/13

Shane went to work today - of course I had to wake him up to go, he was exhausted as expected. Eli had gone down after a feed at 5:45 so was asleep, we all got up at once at 8am. I felt completely depleted. Not tired, just as if all the nutrients have been sucked out of my body. Breakfast helped. The good news is that my boobs no longer hurt, the engorgement has already gone down and feeding isn't painful. So that passed much faster than expected. It's a good, comfortable day. Mostly spent sitting in my chair. Mum sorted through all of the hand-me-down baby clothes we'd received and we put most of them in bags for the op-shop. She also cleaned out the fridge, yay! I love a clean fridge.

When Shane left for work he said to Eli "Stay awake lots today little Eli so you have a good night!". Eli seemed to pay attention, he had 3 hours of lying awake in his bouncer before finally having a feed and a nap at 11:30.

My boss DB came to visit this afternoon. She sms'd around lunchtime to see if it still suited, and I was very excited. Of course she came bearing more gifts, as I'd predicted. Some toys for Eli, another giant box of nappies, and some lovely sweet treats for me. Also a necklace for when I'm "ready to start dressing up again". It's green, because she says green suits me. Eli was a little sleepy and just lay in her arms for 2hours while we talked.

We chatted a little bit about work although of course she refused to tell me any specific or anything bad, just the good things. We talked a bit about the birth, the name, and the future. The Great Unknown future.

When she left Shane had just arrived home and was talking to the landlord in the driveway. He was in good spirits, however admitted he'd tripped on the brick wall coming up the drive. A few minutes later in the house I saw him bandaging up his arm - it seems he'd cut up his wrist quite badly. Later he admitted he's scraped up his leg too. Another thing for me to worry about.

Skyped with Sam today, then Judith. She put me onto Dad for a bit and he mentioned they're going to come visit soon which will be nice. I hope the timing works though as I really want some of Shane's leave to be just the 3 of us, no visitors. Although I want to see everybody and I need the help, I also need some "us" time. Yummy steak and roast veges for dinner - mmmmmm!

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