Sunday, February 3, 2013

First Night at Home 31/01/13

When we got Eli home it was exactly as I imagined - we took photos coming in the door, then placed him in his carrier on the floor where we could take photos and adore him. The cats were wary. Donnie had a good sniff and seemed satisfied. Nibbler came up, sniffed, then walked away backwards very very slowly. It was clear they wouldn't be friends quickly. We tried lying Eli on the playmat but he seemed distressed, so we tried the bouncer instead. After awhile he looked a little red and we realised he seemed to be overheating. Shane grabbed a cold wet cloth and we dabbed him with it until he cooled. It was very anxiety inducing. But then he was fine again. We spent the afternoon editing photos and emailing to family, uploading to facebook. In the early evening Shane went to the shops to buy a thermometer. I sat in my chair feeding my tiny baby. A knock on the door. I froze - what to do? I looked at the little baby in my arms and decided to ignore it. However, a minute later another knock. I carefully slipped my singlet back over my breast and grabbed a muslin to throw around me. It was the neighbours (and landlady!) - Maria, Ted and their young son. I invited them in, and they each had a cuddle with Eli. They had given us some lovely gifts - cloth nappies, a gorgeous blue jacket. We visited for awhile but they were gone before Shane came home. Eventually it was time for bed, and Eli was settled happily in his moses basket. I sat on the edge of the bed and cried. I couldn't bear to lie down and sleep, not being able to see my baby. "It's ok" Shane said, "I'll be awake for awhile". But then he put in his head phones and turned on his mp3 player. I cried again. "You won't be able to hear him if he makes a noise!" He sighed, and switched it off. I settled down to rest.

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