Sunday, February 16, 2014

Yesterday Ellen Page came out of the closet, in a very articulate speech.    I had one of those "Huh, was she not gay?" moments when I heard the news.

Not that I actively speculate as to the sexual orientation of celebrities, or others for that matter.  But when a celebrity is notoriously quiet about their love life and is never seen with a member of the opposite sex?  Generally they're gay.  Yes, this is a massive generalisation. Like all generalisations, you will be able to think of many exceptions in an effort to prove me wrong.  That's ok, but it doesn't change my impression. 

Like many others before me, I also find myself thinking "Why do they have to come out of the closet publically?"  You never hear a straight person announcing that they are attracted to members of the opposite sex.   I hope one day to live in a world where a person's sexual orientation isn't news.  Where consenting adults can engage in relationships of their choosing without discrimination or public censure.   That's the world I want my children to grow up in.   Meanwhile, congratulations to Ellen Page for a brave public speech, which I'm sure will inspire many young people who are afraid to be themselves openly.  I've always admired her for being a well-spoken, intelligent young lady, and this speech has not changed my opinion of her whatsoever.

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