Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So last weekend Shane decided to take the side of Eli's cot and convert it to a toddler bed.  He did it on Saturday evening and the first couple of nights were relatively uneventful.

Then on Tuesday night he decided that seeing he could get out of bed by himself he really should do that instead of going to sleep....  Wednesday night I tried shutting him in and he still broke out.  Late nights, long battles.

Fortunately it got better by the weekend.    Interestingly, he never gets out of bed during the night, he cries for us if he needs something, but never tries to get out.

But he has learnt to get up in the morning now too!  One morning he called to me and I could hear he was closer - I opened the door and he had crawled right over to the door, and then flopped on his back to call me as though he were in his cot!  The next day he pushed the door open, came in and then flopped on his back and called.  I tried calling him but had to get up and "get" him.  The next day he came in, up to the foot of the bed and crawled up calling.  

The next day he woke up unexpectedly around 5am, I think he was cold as the weather had turned.  I carried him into bed with me and he snuggled up and went to sleep in my arms, just like when he was a little bubba.  Was so nice having a sleep-in together!  But then at 7am, like clock work, he was up and trying to get off the bed to go play. 

Friday night Shane was sick so I did all the night wake-ups. 

By the following Tuesday he was coming in the morning asking us if he could go play.  

Wednesday was a little creepy, he came in at 7, shut the door, and just stood there staring at us.   I think he is fascinated by his new "power" of being able to get up in the morning.   Personally I love it!

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