Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dear Eli

Dear Eli,

It's one whole year since you came into our life.  

I was so prepared for it to be chaos, but I loved it from day one.  I'll never forget that first night together at the hospital, I woke up in the middle of the night, and you were lying there in your bassinet calmly.   I thought hmm, ok, I got this.   And changed your first ever stinky nappy (first of many!)  it occurred to me that your Daddy was missing the first nappy, so I grabbed the camera and took a photo of it.  Yep, I photographed your first crap.   How about that!  

You came home less than 24 hours after you were born.  

For the first few months of your life you almost never cried.  You really only made a sound if something was wrong - and because you were with me 24/7 nothing was ever really wrong!   Of course, as you grew older you learnt you could use your voice to exert your opinion on all sorts of things.  And now, as a big 1 year old, you throw some epic tantrums when the world doesn't go your way!

One thing that amazes me is how much more we love you each and every day.  The more time we spend with you, the more we get to know you and enjoy your company, the greater our love grows.

You have an awesome sense of humour.   You are the kid everybody adores.  We are so incredibly proud of you and the cool little man you are turning into - brave, confident, entertaining, interested in the world.

Love always,

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