Sunday, February 23, 2014

Poor Eli is teething.

Yesterday afternoon he was opening my mouth and playing with my teeth, and we were talking about how he is growing teeth like mummy's. 

Next thing I know he chomps down on my finger, right bang in the middle of his mouth where he has teeth top and bottom.   It hurt.   Really, really hurt.   I asked him to let go but he didn't seem to understand that I wasn't joking.  Next thing I know I'm actually screaming in pain trying to get my finger out of the kid's mouth!  

Shane came running into the room just as Eli released my finger and he took Eli (now scared and crying) as I collapsed in tears nursing my very sore finger. Not really any blood to draw from that bit of a finger, but he made a nice dent and it was very red and throbbing for a long time!  

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