Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Village People!

Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved the Village People. Let's face it, they really should be a children's show - the costumes, the fun yet simple dance moves, the catchy jingles.

So I was thrilled to attend their performance at the Enmore Theatre on 16th October. There are 3 original members in the group, so it's still an authentic VP experience despite the decades that have passed since YMCA first hit our playlists.

The vibe was fantastic - very relaxed, and quite a few audience members in costume. We went with disco hats and funky sunglasses to get our groove on, and there were several cowboys and police officers making an appearance. Although you can get good seats at the Enmore, we went with standing tickets, which are located behind the seating right at the back of the theatre. However, as the Enmore is a really small venue you still get a great view. The area is also elevated slightly, so even when the seated audience got into the groove and started dancing we could still see over their heads without any difficulty. Also, the area is conveniently located right near the bar, from where you could also see the stage. So getting drinks was quick, easy and not disruptive to the experience - BONUS!

The show was great fun, they clearly love what they're doing. The guys have great vocals, and still pull off the dance moves with flair. A good balance was strike between the big hits and the lesser known songs, and they gave us a YMCA dance tutorial before performing it as the finale. This meant the entire audience knew the moves correctly and performed in synch, which was an awesome experience.

Great night out, and I wouldn't hesitate to go again next time they head over this way!

What: The Village People concert
Where: Enmore Theatre
When: 16th October, 2010

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