Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Napping napping

Eli has gone down for his nap and Ziva has still not woken up from hers (a couple of hours now) so I have some mama time!  Yay!  I never get Mama time as if Eli does happen to nap, Ziva has her feed / party time.

I'm so proud of Eli's sleeping now, we suggest it is time to sleep and he trots off to his room, lies in his bed with his dummy and bottle, says na-night and we shut the door and go.   Works for naptime or bedtime!   So amazing after a year and a half of rocking and night-time sleep battles.  Of course, now starting to work on number two so our evenings are not reclaimed - her sleep habits so far as the same as his were.   Can't get her into bed before 10pm, and then sleeps in our bed late in the mornings.   It gives Eli and I time to play together in the mornings though which is nice!  

I look forward to the day they are in the same routine.

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