Friday, December 26, 2014

Another lovely Christmas!  That's two in a row now, pretty happy with that.

Eli was so excited on Christmas Eve, this is the first year he's really understood that something special is happening.   He pleaded with me to open presents, with his best puppy-dog eyes, but I stood firm.   So he went to bed instead!   Shane and I stayed up late chatting.

After midnight Eli started to sleep really restlessly, we're not sure whether it was nightmares or teething.  Shane got up for him several times but everytime Eli seemed to go straight back to sleep.  I eventually got up at 2:30 and as inevitably happens Eli decided to come into our bed.   He then ended up lying across the foot of our bed and fell asleep, rolled onto the floor with a crash.  Oops.  :-(  His screams then awoke Ziva for a feed so it was all very dramatic.   Got back to sleep at 3:30am.

So on Christmas morning we all awoke in our bed, but all Eli wanted to do was say hello to his baby sister and give her a cuddle, I couldn't convince him for ages to go open presents.  Finally he went to his bedroom and found the duplo train to open, he was so excited!   In fact he really loves all of his presents.    We had a wonderful day with friends, it was relaxed and stress-free.   Here's to many more like it!

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