Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Browsing Habits

I regularly read a lot of sites. I also like generally browsing, which means I stumble across the occasional gem that tickles my fancy. In fact, sometimes I stumble across a fun site, follow it for a few weeks, somehow forget about it entirely, then get to experience the joy of checking it out again after a prolonged absence.

Here is my more 'regular' browsing history.

Each morning when I wake up I load the following sites on my phone:

They're light, they give me a laugh, and they overall provide a relaxed and obligation free start to the day.

There are other regularly sites that I've given up on following on my iPhone, but always keep up to date on (albeit only 2-3 times per week) on my computer:

For a bit more detailed fun, I like to check out:

And yes, I know that the daily mail is trash - but it is gossipy and fun. I don't believe everything that it says, but I enjoy it all the same. I check out each morning, and in fact use as a default site whenever I'm not entirely sure where to go.

On the weekends I branch out further afield:

They're sites you might love. You might hate. In fact, on potter sues I frequently hate myself and the world temporarily, as I realise how many stupid people exist on this planet. Then I see a story by a teenage girl who clearly has some talent. Who just needs to hone her skills. Who has the art of description, but needs to learn not to rush the storyline. And I go "Wow, I learnt a lot from reading this". And then the laugh - or lack thereof - doesn't matter. Because a person has give some info to this person.

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