Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jersey Boys!

I finally made it!

First, let me say, I do love Franki Valli. Yet despite that I hadn't run out to see Jersey Boys. I just didn't know whether it would work or not. I like the music, sure, but what else is there?

The creators of Jersey Boys clearly know that people coming to the show won't know what to expect. A nice performance of a few Franki Valli and the Four Seasons songs, tied in with their storyling.... ok then. So they manage to shock us with the opening performance, which is the complete opposite of what anybody in the crowd expects. It's foreign, it's loud, it's crazy, boy do they have our attention! And then they launch into a funny story narrated in turn by each of the Four Seasons, who have a superb rapport with the audience in between delivering the hit songs with gusto in jaw-droppingly awesome vocals. Ok, I'm not overhyping this am I?

I knew I was at a great show mid-way through the first act when I realised we'd already stopped the show a couple of times with lengthy applause and cheering, with the actors having to wait to continue once we settled down. And this wasn't even a full house! And it wasn't even the end of an Act!

Be warned that the show contains very vulgar language. They play up the Jersey element a lot. There are bits that seem a bit silly, or a bit disjointed. But overall it's endearing, it's amusing, it's just great fun.

I wasn't sure whether Jersey Boys could make an interesting show. In retrospect I'm *still* not sure what it was exactly about it that made it so good.

Maybe it's just this:

Awesome, classic songs, performed by very talented and funny guys, who narrate their story to the audience with passion and wit.

Sydney was well and truly on it's feet for this one, myself included. And they gave us an encore! In truth, we would have happily waited for another encore, everybody was still primed to go. We were loving every minute of it.

If you're a fool like me and have put off seeing Jersey Boys, book your tickets now, before it's too late!!

What: Jersey Boys
Where: Theatre Royal
When: 9th March, but you can go now!

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  1. I had heard from a patient that "Jersey Boys" was awesome. Hoping that it has a long season, as I'm not likely to get to Sydney in the near future.

    May be worth checking out the Soweto Gospel Choir when they tour Austrlaia later this year - I've been to see them twice previously, and they are brilliant. Gorgeous harmonies, engaging characters and just a very moving show.

    Redsoil (from EH)