Sunday, June 28, 2015

Things that I am happy about:

  • Since we moved, Eli has slept in his own bed every night.  He has only come into our bed during the night twice, and both times showed up and snuggled in without issue.   There has also been 2 nights where he woke a lot upset and we had to get up for him, but all in all pretty good.   
  • Ziva loves daycare so much.  Eli is happy there too.  They've sorted out those teacher issues they were having.   
  • Our new house is very nice.   And nobody can make us move again.  (Well, except perhaps the bank if we don't pay the mortgage!)
  • My husband adores me even though I don't always deserve it.  Our relationship is blissfully happy and loving (outside of the occasional parenting tension and stress due to being so insanely busy trying to unpack and settle whilst caring for 2 babies!!!!) 
  • I have the two most beautiful, intelligent and adorable children in the universe.

Things I am stressed about:

  • Commuting with the kids.  It's not too far for just me (35min drive or 20min train) but with kids a bit intense.  Takes me 90min sometimes from the time I leave the house to when I get to work.  INSANE.
  • House is still chaos.  SO much unpacking to do. Mostly reliant on this shed of Shane's being built so he can get his stuff out of the living room so we can finish re-arranging the furniture and unpacking.  There's a huge domino effect and things in each room that are impacted.
  • My weight is skyrocketing from the wine + chocolate survival diet!    It's been awhile now... super keen to start working out again, but time is tight and my babies come first.  Wow, I'm one of those mums!   Eeek.   Once Ziva stops breastfeeding at lunchtime I could do the gym at lunch (an actual lunch break, haven't had one of those in years!) but until then hard to fit in. 

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