Sunday, October 26, 2014

Such a lovely morning.  It's what I call an "Oliver" morning - one where I find myself singing "Who Will Buy" (This Beautiful Morning) over and over as I go about my day.  

Shane and I woke up before either child did, alone in our bed.  I can't remember the last time that happened!  So had a nice lie-in, before Eli got up and played in his bedroom for awhile.  Ziva woke up and I pulled her into bed for a feed.  Eli came in after awhile asking to watch "Bob Train" so Shane got up and put that on for him and came back to bed for some extra sleep.  Ziva went back to sleep too, so I left her and Shane there together and went outside to put some washing on, soon joined by Eli who played in his fort in his pyjamas.  After a nice play we came inside, and I was making toast for breakfast,  Eli opened up the pantry and pulled out a packet of unopened pasta, and started excitedly asking for "Pasta! Pasta!" so I thought why the hell not.  So I got a pot and put water in it, then I let him put pasta into the water.   He seemed to understand that it would take 10 minutes to cook, and happily went to eat his toast while he waited.   In the meantime Ziva woke up again so I went and fed her and then Shane served Eli his pasta.   So he has officially cooked his first meal!  Go boy.

It's a gloriously sunny, way too hot day.  The house is immaculate because we had an open home yesterday.  The kids are being good and we are all well and happy.   So not a thing to do except relax!

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