Thursday, September 25, 2014

Three weeks today!  As usual, I'm constantly full of good intentions to write blog entries, but rarely remember to sit down and do it.

We are loving being a family of 4.    Our beautiful princess fits so perfectly into our family, it feels as though she has been here forever.  That's what I kept commenting on the first couple of weeks - the only "weird" thing was the fact that nothing was weird, life felt completely normal.    Ordinary even.

Ziva eats well and sleeps well.   She was born Thurs evening and on the Friday slept all day, and then decided at 7pm - right as I finished dinner and settled down to sleep - that she wanted to eat all night.  Which she did.   I was exhausted on Saturday!   Then Saturday night she slept beautifully.  Sunday she slept all day, and oops another busy night!  After that I learnt my lesson and started unwrapping her during the day (it was cold, I was instinctively keeping her swaddled!) and encouraging her to stay awake for short periods during the day for love and snuggles.   Since then she has slept beautifully at night, waking for just a feed and then straight back down.   Some nights she does 4 to 4.5 hour spacing between feeds which is lovely.   So feeling fairly well rested!     Unfortunately Elijah has been teething quite badly so we have had that in between waking us up.     Harder on Shane than on me though as he is the one getting up to Eli while I'm feeding Ziva!   Plus he has to get up for work the next day.  

We are still sleeping in a fair bit, except on the days that Shane and Eli get up and leave at 7:30 for work/daycare, sometimes I can't get back to sleep afterwards.   Shane gets Eli up and dresses him, but some mornings I wake up and help, particularly if Eli is already awake while Shane is trying to get himself ready.   I do enjoy the two days Eli is at daycare (Mon & Thurs) as it gives me more quality time with Ziva.  It's nice to just put my feet up and relax.    I did intend to do either drop off or pick-up (one end only) on some days as it's a long day for Shane, but haven't felt inclined to yet, particularly as it means walking to the train station carrying Ziva.  We get out and about a lot on the in between days, by the time Eli is at daycare I'm due to put my feet up and watch some TV!  

Mum is still here and doing all of the cooking, cleaning, laundry and everything else under the sun.  Quite full on but very generous of her!  

This entry is a bit disjointed as I have her next to me sorting out cupboards and asking me every few seconds whether I want to keep a particular item, or where it should go.     But hey, it's a start!  

Loving life, loving my beautiful family.    :-)

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