Tuesday, May 20, 2014

This week Elijah helped put the clean washing away.   I handed some to him on a whim, and sure enough he trotted off to his bedroom, opened the middle drawer at his eye level and shoved it in.    Now he is convinced that every item of clothing goes into that drawer, but I can live with that.   It just makes it slightly harder to find his clothes to dress him!  (I did have everything in nice neat piles by type).   Also, he unfolded most of it while carrying it!

Really loving how helpful he is now.   On the weekend Shane filled my water bottle in the kitchen and then handed it to Eli who brought it out to me.  So sweet.

Today he also walked all the way to the car by himself, down the front steps and driveway.   Of course he's been able to for months but I tend to carry him whenever we're going to and from the car or in and out of somewhere, not putting him down until we're at our destination.   Time to start breaking that habit as carrying two will be hard!   Also finally letting him walk into Reggio by himself - I carry him until we get out of the elevator but then let him head to his room.   Such a big boy.

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