Thursday, April 17, 2014

I can hardly describe how much I loathe the “world’s toughest job” video.   Forgetting the fact that they claim to have advertised it as a real job and conducted those interviews so are wasting the time of genuine job seekers – rude and thoughtless.  But being a mother isn’t a “job”.  Just because it’s time consuming and takes energy and commitment doesn’t make it a job.  We don’t have to assign commercial value to everything in life to give it meaning – things can be meaningful without being part of the commercial world!   (Don’t get me started on that whole assign a salary to a mother who does 100 jobs meme… unless you can go out and get a job as a Doctor, Chauffeur or Psychiatrist you are NONE of those things).  

And if it were a job, I dispute whether it’s the toughest – I personally would find it much harder to be an astronaut, brain surgeon, or pretty much anything that features on that Dirty Jobs tv show. Do we really undervalue being a mother so much that we have to pull this kind of comparative bullshit to make people appreciate it? Because that’s sad.   Being a mother is a really, really great thing, let’s not cheapen it with this nonsense.    Plus don’t get me started on the bizarre claims that mothers never ever get to sit down and are on their feet 24/7, and never ever ever get a break at all 365 days a year.  What the heck?    

Being a mother is without question the best thing I have ever done in my life.   I don't need any  weird validation like this to feel good about it.  

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