Saturday, October 8, 2011

When you reach October

There are three months missing from my blog. Often I say "I should blog everyday", and often I write blog posts in my head.
If I were to have blogged in the past few weeks it would have been about my pregnancy. Hopeful, optimistic, musing on impending parenthood. Maybe lighthearted debate on baby names. Maybe worries about balancing my priorities. Now, of course, I am no longer pregnant. A lot can happen in a week.
Really, it's an example of how much can happen in a short period of time. Last time I blogged, children were a hypoethetical in my future. Something I'd decided I wanted, but an experience I hadn't had. Now, I am once again a new person, shaped by a new experience. My relationship has stood through another test and come out stronger. My personality and my willpower are recharged. I will be better, stronger, renewed yet again.
But for right now, I will sleep. Because my body and my mind are shattered.

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