Friday, February 4, 2011


I love reading

Ok, so 90% of the time it's just mocking the revoltingly OTT sugar-coated nonsense of the sickeningly in love. And that annoys me, because even the most pathetic of us deserve to express ourselves, even if I personally disagree with the weird public way they choose to do so.

But every so often she writes a post that is just inspiring, a la:

Good stuff. I love reading succinct, intelligent posts that highlight the lack of logic in homophobia. It takes all kinds to make up this world, and I'm willing to tolerate her intolerance of the sickeningly in love because I support her support for gay rights. That makes sense... doesn't it? Meh, we're all intolerant in our own ways, who am I to judge? I'm highly intolerant of poor spellers (pot, meet kettle) and they make me want to scream. But I restrain myself. Because my boss hates it when I attack my coworkers for using "apart of" instead of "part of" and generally mixing up words in an appalling abuse of the English language. So I hope that people can respect my weakness and acknowledge that I am very tolerant and supportive on other issues. Yay for freedom!

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